Best Open-Source Python Libraries for Excel


pyxlsb is an Excel 2007-2010 Binary Workbook (xlsb) parser for Python. The library is currently extremely limited, but functional enough for basic data extraction.


pip install pyxlsb


The module exposes an open_workbook(name) method (similar to Xlrd and OpenPyXl) for opening XLSB files. The Workbook object representing the file is returned.

from pyxlsb import open_workbook
with open_workbook('Book1.xlsb') as wb:
    # Do stuff with wb

The Workbook object exposes a get_sheet(idx) method for retrieving a Worksheet instance.

# Using the sheet index (1-based)
with wb.get_sheet(1) as sheet:
    # Do stuff with sheet

# Using the sheet name
with wb.get_sheet('Sheet1') as sheet:
    # Do stuff with sheet

Tip: A sheets property containing the sheet names is available on the Workbook instance.

The rows() method will hand out an iterator to read the worksheet rows.

# You can use .rows(sparse=True) to skip empty rows
for row in sheet.rows():
# [Cell(r=0, c=0, v='TEXT'), Cell(r=0, c=1, v=42.1337)]

Do note that dates will appear as floats. You must use the convert_date(date) method from the pyxlsb module to turn them into datetime instances.

from pyxlsb import convert_date
# datetime.datetime(2012, 11, 22, 10, 56, 19)


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